Clea DuVall and Natasha Lyonne, Out Magazine, July 2000

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I would much rather be the ‘obnoxious feminist girl’ than be complicit in my own dehumanization.
— Kathleen Hanna (via staininyourbrain)
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Big Announcement!


Books! And cleverness!
There are more important
things – friendship and bravery!

Friends and family and cats who are reading over your owners’ shoulders,

I am so excited that I finally get to share some awesome, awesome news with you. I have accepted a senior editor position at Autostraddle, the largest independently owned queer/feminist website on this whole big internet!

Six and a half years ago, AfterEllen founder and former Editor in Chief Sarah Warn plucked me out of the comments section of a Hot 100 article and asked if I’d be into writing a couple of posts a week. I was working in a tiny cube counting numbers, too afraid to even post in The L Word forums, even though my main dream in life was to become a writer. Now, I’ve written over a million (no, for real!) words for AfterEllen and interviewed every one of the actors I used to fawn over from The L Word and made a full-time career out of writing and editing.

But, most importantly of all, over the last six and a half years, I’ve gotten to meet you. You have invited me into your lives week after week, year after year, and laughed with me and cried with me and raged with me and made one hundred million inside jokes with me. People often say writing on the internet is a thankless job, but I’ve found that to be the opposite of true. Yeah, you have to work 100 hours a week to make enough money to buy peanut butter. And no, you never get to sleep. But no matter how tired or penniless I have been over the years, y’all have kept me going, because every time I cracked myself open to share more of my story with you, you just opened yourselves up and gave me your stories too.

You have fueled me with your kindness, cushioned me with your encouragement, made me snort orange juice out of my nose more times than I care to admit, and literally saved my dog’s life.

Together, we have created something real and rare. Like #BooRadleyVanCullen, for example! That’s all us, man! That’s me and you meeting up every week to laugh and swoon a freak out and talk to TV writers in a language we created together!

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This is just the best news for my little gay heart!!!

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Women who accuse other women of being basic, simply because they live a seemingly stereotypical life approved by the male patriarchy, are actually subscribing to that same patriarchy. Let’s be really, really honest about this. Women calling other women basic is the exact same thing as women calling other women sluts. Same old story, different word. We, women, are in constant battle with each other, building ourselves up only by tearing down those around us. That’s what a patriarchy is, whether it be male driven or not. It is this idea that we must position ourselves as better or worse than those around us, rather than working together to all be our best selves.
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